Paperless HR.

You do not need to print the documents just because of the signature.


& advantages

  • Generate HR documents right from your HR ystem
  • Keep them in electronic PDF form rather than in paper
  • Use electronic signature, mobile signature or biometric signature (handwritten on signature-pad or tablet)
  • Use along with various HR systems, including SAP or SAP SuccessFactors
  • Achieve radical and sustainable cost reduction in paper logistics (printing, delivery, scanning, archiving)
  • Free your HR staff from administration
  • We have legal services and advisory for a specific areas of Czech laws and environment

Paperless HR at GECO - case study



  • GECO is the largest network of tabbaco-newspapers shops in CZ. 330 retail shops, 7 wholesale centers, 1900 employees in CZ
  • Another 150 branches and 600 employees in DE, SK
  • High employee turnover
  • Highly demanding and expensive paper related logistics (printing, delivery forth and back, scanning, archiving)
  • Long time periods for returning documents back to headquarters
  • Increasing administrative cost in HR department

How we helped


  • NOTIX proposed to make HR operations paperless and leverage advantages of digitization.
  • PAPERLESSHR solution is based on PowerFLOW platform, that supports electronic / biometric signatures, so paper documents can be replaced with electronic PDFs.
  • Automatic signature workflow delivers documents to the right people and also bulk documents generation and delivery is fully automated.
  • Works along with SAP core HR and SAP SuccessFactors learning



  • Significant reduction of HR administrative work, due to automated integration with SAP and removing physical paper operations
  • Documents are always under control (on-way, delayed, where, who)
  • Completed documents are immediately available to HR team and managers in headquarters.
  • No printing, enveloping, delivery back-and-forth and scanning is necessary.
  • Total document round-trip time is rapidly shortened

Paper logistics

  • Most significant savings on costs of all work, material and services connected with physical paper.
1.3 FTE

Savings in HR

  • Automation in documents preparation, collecting and error rate reduction saved FTEs in HR team.

Round trip time

  • Electronic, on-line delivery shortened time required to get finished documents back.

Main benefits




  • No printing on paper.
  • Zero costs for preparation and enveloping of paper files.
  • Zero costs for physical delivery and returning back tohead office.
  • No scanning, no barcodes sticking.
  • No binders to be sent to an external archive.
  • No more files to expand your physical archive– you do not need to pay for physical archive and shredding, all is in electronic archive.



  • Self-service for employees – employees can sign their documents on their workplace without assistance of HR staff.
  • Automated documents preparation–generate documents from templates, select right signing persons, start signature workflow – all automatically.
  • Bulk documents – you can dispatch thousands of documents with one click (salary letters,  internal / directives).
  • Lower error rate and document returns – data is taken from HR system, no retyping is needed anymore.
  • Fillable electronic documents – you can send PDF form, that will be filled by employee, validated and then signed.



  • On-line delivery to recipient through controlled workflow.
  • Finished documents instantly available  – no waiting for returning and scanning.
  • Dashboards and notifications – you have always fresh view on current state of all signature workflows.
  • Adaptable to changes in org chart – workflow will align to changes in your org. structure (new employees, different line managers, employee re-allocations).
  • Security– whole path of electronic documents flow is secured and under control, with compliance to defined roles and access rights.

How will your work change?


  • Employees administration and approvals remain in your current HR system.
  • Templates and document generation can remain in HR system or you can use word templates and document generator that comes with PowerFLOW.
  • New “Generate and sign documents” button will appear in HR system and is used instead of “Print”
  • By pressing the button it starts all the processing automatically. There is no need to choose persons to sign – PowerFLOW will find them and will manage the right workflow.
  • HR officer gets notifications on finished or delayed documents as signature workflow proceeds.
  • Finished, signed documents are available through HR system to HR team, employees and their managers (based on rights settings)


  • Manager is notified of documents waiting for the signature via e-mail or via task in HR system.
  • By clicking the link in e-mail or HR system the signature screen is opened directly in PowerFLOW.
  • All the documents ready for signature can be viewed, read through and signed.
  • Handwritten signature (biometric signature on signpad) or electronic signature (certificate on USB SmartCard) is possible.
  • As soon as last document is signed, workflow will automatically continue to next signing person.
  • Manager can view documents belonging to his employees through HR system (based on rights settings)


  • Employee is notified of documents waiting for the signature via e-mail, via task in HR system or in different way that is already used in your company.
  • Documents for new hires or for staff without their own PC (factory workers, drivers etc.) can be sent to different person like department assistant or teamleader.
  • You can also use shared kiosks or PCs, that works as a employee self-service. Employees will identify with name/password or with employee badge.
  • Employees can access their documents through their account in HR system or their personal site on intranet.

Features review


  • Prepare the templates on your own.
  • Easily in MS Word, as usual.
  • Use current styles and company graphics.
  • Save, approve and publish new versions.

If you want, you could use PowerFLOW to prepare your templates. Just put the data placeholders to spots with personalized content.


  • Template + data = personalized document.
  • We can generate personalized documents automatically and in bulk even for thousands of employees at once.

We can put specific employee data taken from HR system into the template, so you will get personalized document.


  • We have an intelligent signature workflow, that will figure out the right signing persons and the correct order of the signatures.
  • We also provide everything for the signatory act itself. Biometric or electronic signature is available.

Single documents or full sets of documents. We know who should sign, as we understand your signing rules and org structure.


  • We put finished, signed documents back to HR system or to its electronic documents’ storage.
  • Until now we did not see any HR system, that it’s not possible to integrate with.
  • SAP SuccessFactors, SAP/R HCM, Elanor and more

Integration to your HR system is essential to bring you high automation and acceleration.

How do you sign?


Easy-to-use remote signing

Can sign more documents at once, after looking at the previews

Ideal for company owners, managers and other „often-signers“, as it saves time

PAPERLESSHR supports qualified / advanced electronic signature

PAPERLESSHR supports various types of chip cards / USB SmartCards storing certificate for qualified electronic signature

Graphic representation (picture) of signature can be placed into document along with electronic signature and text

Additional administrative and fees are required to obtain certificate for electronic signature and it yearly renewal

How do you sign?

BIOMETRIC signature (sign-pad)

Simple and heavy-duty, various sizes, color or b/w display

Low price and almost zero operational costs

Can be connected to any usual PC, notebook or shared kiosk

Comfortable signing with no-battery pen

Suitable to be used in almost any environment

Suitable for signature only, can display just a fragment of text

PC with monitor needed to view or fill whole document

How do you sign?

Tablets with capturing layer

Comfortable browsing through the whole document

Allows to fill-in or tick the form fields without external keyboard

More intuitive in terms of signing „directly into the document“

Mobility, can be used indoors / outdoors, in variety sizes and makes

Higher price than for signpads

Must be regularly charged maintained and updated

Must be managed in terms of data security

Appropriate measures for physical security of the device


Security and regulatory compliance

With PAPERLESSHR you can sign documents with both personal electronic signatures (based on qualified certificates for electronic signature) and handwritten “biometric signatures”. You can even combine those two types in one document. I.e. company managers sign with electronic signature, and employees will sign with handwritten, “biometric” signatures.

State-of-the-art security

Signatures are put into PDF-A (document format for long-term archiving, ISO 19005-2:2011 compliant) and documents are equipped with time-stamp (proves document’s content in moment of signing, confirmsdocument’s integrity in future). In case of biometric signatures, the signature data are additionally encrypted (RSA 4096bit asymmetric cypher). All steps during signing and processing of documents (when, who, what) are stored in audit trail.

REgulatory and legal advisory services

  • Area of electronic signatures, their types and requirements, that they need to meet are described within EU Regulation eIDAS (Regulation EU No 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC)
  • Adoption to the Czech legislation is made by norm No.. 297/2016 Sb., o službách vytvářejících důvěru pro elektronické transakce a zákonem č. 298/2016 Sb., that updates several tens of other norms.
  • In case ofemployee-law documents, there is also need to take into account specific norms like Czech Labour code and Czech Civil code, that touches area of handling documentsin electronic form.
  • We offer legal advisory services, where we canaddress specific situation and requirements of your company in accordance to Czech legislation, particularly Labor and Civil code.


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